A Beacon of light in darkness and chaos

A Beacon of light in darkness and chaos

The tragedy of gang violence in Haiti is ongoing. People are suffering and trying so very hard to make daily life work one step at a time.  In the words of a consultant, currently working in Haiti: Issues are very complex, violence, chaos, hunger…. there is no safe space for Haitians to take a breath.

When all things look dark, The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGSF)medical clinic has been a beacon of light, hope and restoration. 

The communities we serve have asked us to return and we reopened the medical clinic in January 2024, after being closed for 5 months due to violence to our clinic and staff.   We are the only source of medical care and health services in the area. Local leaders have worked hard within the communities and with the gangs to agree to peace and not to touch the clinic again. Patients have agreed to share more of the cost burden for our operations through an increase in the fees for service. TGSF covers most expenses, however the people themselves have increased their investment in our clinic.

We have a new physician, Dr Joseph, who has both an MD and an MPH and he is very focused on expanding into health education within the communities. We save lives and we could do more if we had more resources.

Recently a woman who was 7 months pregnant came to the clinic. She had no prenatal care, and her baby was dead inside of her. Dr. Joseph was very touched by having to send her to a hospital where the baby was taken.  We could have helped her if she knew enough to come for prenatal care and if our clinic had been open.  Health education, particularly for women and children is a strong focus for Dr Joseph and we hope to support him in expanding what we do in this area.

Another woman arrived with second degree burns. Without medical care and intervention, she would have suffered greatly, been scaredterribly, and would have ongoing pain. Our team was able to heal her, and she is doing very well.  

Only with the support of friends, families, churches, and our partnering Rotary Clubs are we able to continue to provide lifesaving healthcare to the 20 communities we serve. Without our healthcare services, people will fall through the gaps in medical care. We bring relief and restoration to people that are hurting.  

Please join us by donating to The Good Shepherd Foundation P.O.Box 752 Granby CT 06035 or go to the DONATE button on our website www.thegoodshepherdfoundation.org. 

Thank you for your faithful support.  And special thanks for being light and hope for forgotten people. 

With hope,

The Board members of TGSF