One Act of Kindness-One Life Changed Forever

One Act of Kindness-One Life Changed Forever

Most parents would do anything to help their children stay healthy and happy. But what if getting simple health care for your child in a time of need is not possible? Many of us don’t have to worry about this, but In Haiti, this is an everyday reality because half the population does not have access to health care. This is especially dangerous for children in rural areas since poor nutrition, contaminated water, and infectious diseases are the key causes of childhood health issues.

Fortunately, there is help available in the area of Grande Saline where the Good Shepherd Foundation (GSF) holds a monthly clinic that treats locals seeking medical care.  Last month, Michele Sydney, founder of GSF visited the area to work at the clinic and meet with the local medical team.  She was approached at the end of a long clinic day by a woman who asked her if she remembered meeting her three years earlier?

Michele vividly remembered this mother and her beautiful daughter —with pink bows in her hair. This woman had walked a long distance carrying her seriously ill child to the clinic on her back in hopes they could help her.  Upon arrival at the clinic, the staff immediately recognized that the girl was suffering from polio. Since they could not help her in their basic clinic setting, they recommended that the girl would be taken to Deschapelle, a hospital near Cap Haitian; several hours away.

The young mother was encouraged but did not have the funds to pay for a trip or any associated medical expenses. Michele immediately provided her with the funds to visit the hospital.  Upon arrival, the doctors quickly determined that the girl not only had polio —but also Tuberculosis. She needed to stay at the hospital for several months to recover and due to the generosity of the GSF and its donors, she has now fully recovered.

The girl’s mother wanted to visit the clinic that day to share the good news of her daughter’s recovery and offer her gratitude to the GSF team. This is a truly inspirational story and both mother and daughter are thriving. None of this is possible without our donors and dedicated volunteers. Thank you for sharing your blessings and please keep our patients and their community in your prayers.

Note: Since last January, GSF has been providing routine childhood vaccinations so that others in the community do not have to suffer what this child went through.

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*To respect the privacy of our patients/we have not used their names in this story.


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