Still Afloat!

Still Afloat!

When your ship is caught in a storm, staying on schedule becomes secondary to staying afloat!   That’s kind of how it’s been for The Good Shepherd Foundation’s medical clinics in Haiti during the past year.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that TGSF has been caught up in a “perfect storm” of challenges as we have struggled through the past months:


Despite the storm of adverse circumstances which has led many charitable organizations to suspend operations in Haiti, TGSF medical clinics have remained resiliently ‘afloat.’

  • When our principal doctor suddenly left the country in fear for his safety, we were able to engage other physicians to conduct the clinics.
  • When it became impossible to travel to Haiti to coordinate operations, we have relied even more on the relationships we have established with local Haitians.
  • When our plans for improvements were derailed by circumstances, we doubled down on our commitment to providing basic care.
  • Despite the fact that our clinic costs have escalated, we have been able to meet expenses due to the generosity of our donors.
  • Despite the risk to our patients, who must often travel considerable distances, we have held regularly scheduled clinics and we have ministered to the needs of the hundreds who show up for the care we provide.


This past year has truly been tumultuous and challenging for TGSF.  But with the prayers and financial support of people like you, The Good Shepherd Foundation will continue to weather the storms of adversity and provide reliable life-saving medical care for the people of the Grand Saline area.