The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGSF) Clinic to reopen on January 8, 2024.  

The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGSF) Clinic to reopen on January 8, 2024.  

Dear Faithful Friends:

We are happy to report that we are planning to reopen The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGSF) Clinic on January 8, 2024.  

Our local Chevreau contacts inform us that all is quiet and has been for two months.  Despite the area’s challenges with gang violence, the community has recognized the importance and vital services the clinic provides, and they have implored us to reopen, as soon as possible. As TGSF is the only healthcare provider available to them, they have even offered to cover more of the expenses by increasing their co-pay for each visit. This movement towards self-reliancecreates an even stronger relationship with the communities we serve as this assistance with the financial resources for their care helps us manage the escalating operating costs driven by the violence and inflation currently plaguing Haiti. 

This month, we are lining up the staff and exploring how to safely transport medications from St. Marc, which is about an hour awayfrom the clinic. Staff safety remains a key concern for both us and for the communities we serve.  Direct transportation from the pharmacy reduces the risk of our staff of being attacked and robbed again.  We are expecting the purchase of the inverter and medications to cost about $3,000.  We need to work on the budget to ensure we can pay staff, buy medications, and have enough funding to bring us through 2024. We believe with your support this will be possible.

We are sad to say goodbye to two of our board members.   Bruce, our treasurer and water expert, and Fred, our secretary, both due to health issues.  They have been invaluable assets to this ministry and will be greatly missed.  At the same time, we are happy to welcome Janet, as our new treasurer.  Bruce is kindly walking her through the work she will pick up and we consider her our latest Miracle, as she presented herself at exactly the right time we needed her.

We are excited to share this good news with you and promise to keep you informed as we move forward. Please consider a year end gift to help us reopen the clinic and start us in 2024 with funding to care for the 1,000 patients per month we were seeing right before the clinic closed.  

You can make a gift on our website at using Paypal or mail a check to


P.O. BOX 752

GRANBY, CT 06035

Please continue to keep us in your prayers at this complicated time in the life of all Haitians and TGSF, one of the few non-government organizations who have remained in Haiti providing medical care to those who are greatly underserved.  

If you know of a church or other organization who would like to make a difference in the lives of over 12,000 patients per year, please contact Linda McGurn at 860-805-1006. After 12 years serving the people of very rural Haiti, we take our commitment very seriously and need your support to continue our work.

Wishing you Christmas Blessings,

The Board of TGSF