Why I serve on the Good Shepherd Foundation board – A Testimonial

Why I serve on the Good Shepherd Foundation board – A Testimonial

At a recent board meeting the question was posed: “Why do you stay with The Good Shepherd Foundation Board?”  It evoked emotion and a response from deep inside me. Every dollar I give makes an impact. My contributions make a material difference to the people in the overlooked and underserved communities in a small corner of a poverty stricken, natural disaster prone area, where these people can’t seem to catch a break.

There are 6 of us on the Board and we do a lot with very little. I am committed to helping these people get the most basic necessities in life – clean water and sanitation and basic healthcare which will contribute to better health for the people we serve at our health clinics.

We built clean wells and latrines at our 2 clinic sites. Based on the positive impact this had on the community, we started a water/sanitation project to build more wells and latrines for this community with the help of my father, Ron Lundberg, and the Kings Bay Crystal River Rotary in Florida.  More information to follow on this exciting opportunity. In the meantime, while we wait for the funding for wells and latrines, we don’t stop meeting our core mission, providing healthcare and medicine every three weeks.

In addition, due to the recent earthquake, we just sent 8 healthcare workers and 4 volunteers from our clinic to the earthquake site for two 3 day clinics and provided care for almost 2,000 earthquake victims. It cost $16,000 to do so, but we were able to raise the money for these special mission trips due, thankfully, to the contributions of our friends, churches and families, who also understand that their dollars have an immediate impact in a material way.

These emergency support initiatives are in addition to the $40,000 a year we need to raise from all those that support what we are doing at our clinics. With these funds, we are able to provide ongoing clinics and medicines to these stricken 13 communities.

My donations, every dollar, go directly to the care and support of the work we do within this community using ONLY Haitian medical and support staff as well as medicines purchased in Haiti, so that we are also able to support the local struggling Haitian economy.

Please join me in this worthy cause and donate today.

Sharon Lundberg, Board Member

The Good Shepherd Foundation